Australian Interior Landscapes Australian Interior Landscapes


  • Calathea Plant - Dark Green

    An effective plant with a decorative leaf, the depth of the dark green leaves matches perfectly to the…


  • Cinnamon Bush 92cm


  • Croton Bush H54cm

    This Croton bush is a vibrant option, the contrast between the orange and green gives the bush this…


  • Croton Bush H63cm

    A tropical colorful option, the croton bush with red, green and purple leaves is sure to make a…


  • Hares Foot Fern

    Pair this fern with one of our other bushes to dress a windowsill inside your home, the delicate…


  • Lavender in Pot

    This beautiful lavender is perfect for any room in your home. The stem and flower are very realistic…


  • Areca Palm in Pot H55cm

    A small Areca Palm plant stood in a plastic black growers pot, perfect for some desk top greenery…


  • Protea Magnifica Mix Wreath

    Brighten up your interior space with this striking faux protea magnifica mix wreath, unbelievably…


  • Zebra Bush H61cm

    A stylish option for a small space, the variegated leaves give this Zebra bush its name!


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