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  • Pothos on Pole Plant H120cm

    Add this plant to your indoor planting collection for something a little fun!


  • Zanzibar Plant H122cm

    A tropical plant with a slightly different form to many popular indoor house plants, their wide…


  • Zanzibar Plant H92cm

    An ornamental option for indoor planting, dark glossy leaves give this plant a realistic look. Often…


  • Agave Straita Plant H112cm


  • Agave Striata Plant H60cm

    This textured plant is great for cluster planting or as a stand alone piece. Use one of our planter…


  • Agave Striata Plant H91cm

    Agave plants are a larger species of the succulent family, their interesting forms create a great…


  • Rabbit Foot Fern H86cm

    A charming option for indoor planting, the leaves offer a slight soft grey hue which will compliment…


  • Spathiphyllum Plant H120cm

    Spathiphyllum plants often referred to as Spaths are known for their large broad leaves. This…


  • Spathiphyllum Plant H80cm

    A perfect addition for offices, homes and shopping centres. This tropical plant with no flower makes…


  • Spathiphyllum Plant - With Flower H130cm

    Spathiphyllum plants or Peace Lilys which is often how people refer to them are recognised for their…


  • Dieffenbachia Plant H86cm

    The variagted leaf on this plant makes it realistic and make it a popular choice if you want to…


  • Dracaena Plant H60cm

    A simple plant which introduces greenery into a room, use in one of our planter stands with…


  • Giant Spathiphyllum Plant H122cm

    Larger and broader leaves in a rich dark green colour give this plant the name giant. Can be used in…


  • Giant Spathiphyllum Plant H90cm

    The giant spath is how it sounds.. a much broader, larger leaf in a rich dark green.


  • Hosta Plant H81cm

    Add this Hosta plant to any staggered height cluster planting, or use it alone to let it be the…


  • Monsteria Plant H122cm

    A popular option for indoor house plants, their unusual leaf shape makes them prominent in any…


  • Monsteria Plant H65cm

    We recommend pairing this smaller fella with one of our plant stands, or using it to fill a…


  • Monsteria Plant H91cm

    Our Monsteria plants make a great addition to any setting, they're seen as a tropical plant perfect…


  • Rubber Plant H110cm

    Work this Rubber plant into a cluster to get the full effect. The tones of red give it a subtle…


  • Rubber Plant H80cm

    This Rubber plant is a great option for smaller spaces that need a neat plant that doesn't take up…


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